Being from California, there are a lot of southern traditions that were brand new to me when I moved here five years ago (like, what is up with the obsession with college football?!)

I have really enjoyed learning about southern wedding traditions, and thought I’d share three of my favorites here with you:

  1. Grooms Cake – This was a totally new concept to me coming from the west coast. Many brides from the south, or families of the groom, purchase a grooms cake in addition to the traditional wedding cake. The grooms cake reflects the Grooms hobbies, interests, and tastes – I see many grooms cakes with nods to particular sports teams, colleges, or nods to the Grooms occupation or special interests. The grooms cake is often displayed near the traditional cake, and is cut by the couple as a photo opportunity before being served to guests (or boxed up and saved!)

Photography by: Lindsey Leigh Weddings

Photography by: Kami Olavarria

2). Burying a Bottle of Bourbon – Another fun southern wedding tradition, many couples in the south elect to bury a bottle of bourbon on the grounds of their wedding venue in an effort to ward off rain on their wedding day. But there are rules! The completely full bourbon bottle must be buried upside down exactly one month before the wedding at the wedding venue for the trick to work.

3). Bridal Portraits – Taken before the actual wedding day, many southern brides elect to have a bridal portrait session done. Often done in tandem with their hair and makeup trial, brides don their full wedding attire and take individual portraits that are often then displayed at the wedding, or gifted to parents.

Photography by: Sara Bee Photography

Any other southern wedding traditions you love? I would love to hear about them!




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