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Don’t let my chronic resting b* face in this photo fool you, I am a nerdy, slightly introverted, gypsy soul whose utmost goal is to help amazing people marry each other.

For almost a decade, I have watched countless couples tie the knot in picturesque settings (best job ever). I migrated to Charleston in 2015 from my hometown near San Francisco, California, and immediately fell in love with the cobblestone streets, Spanish moss, and tangible history that permeates this incredible place.

If I have anything to say about it, you will have the most memorable, stress-free wedding day surrounded by the love and joy of your family and friends.

Cheers! I can’t wait to chat.



Hopeless Romantic | Big Brows | Bigger Heart

More about Camila...

- Bachelors Degree in Interpersonal Communication | CA State University Stanislaus
- Masters Certificate in Hospitality Management | Cornell University
- Started her career planning events for the largest winery in the world
- She has also worked in other aspects of the hospitality industry, including catering, venue management, and for an event entertainment company

- Season: Autumn
- Color: Black (duh) or purple
- Food: A good steak from Halls Chophouse. And French fries!
- Charleston-area Venues: The Dewberry, Lowndes Grove, Legare-Waring House, Gibbes Museum, Gadsden House...too many beautiful choices!

My soul is rooted in deep connections and family, which must explain why my heart flutters a bit when I think about planning your wedding.

I am most at home in the sand on an overcast day in sweatpants, and l love any excuse to be near the ocean. I relax with yoga, listen to podcasts (My Favorite Murder, anyone?!), snuggle the nights away with my prince Elton John (our black and white Chihuahua), and find myself falling more in love with my husband every day!

Can't wait to start planning with you!


mandalynn schwartz

Favorite Things!

Education + Experience

Intuitive | Home Body | Ambitious

After having the pleasure of attending several weddings in my childhood, and feeling the undeniable positive energy, I knew it was something I had to be a part of.

I am a strong lover of all things vintage, handmade, and made with love. I strive for balance and perfection in everything I produce - putting my all into each and every minor detail.

I am the most in tune with myself under the sun, in the ocean, or cuddled up with my cat Chicken.

I can't wait to meat you!

- M


Bold | Creative | Fearless


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